Being healthy at Bainbridge Lewis

2nd April 2014


Last month, we were approached and asked whether we would be interested in trying out the office fruit delivery service provided by Fruitdrop. With our very own Toby getting ready to run the Brighton Marathon in April for children’s charity CLIC Sargent, we were inspired to see whether we could all do with being a bit healthier – having fruit available to snack on throughout the week seemed like a good starting point!

It sounds strange, but having the fruit boxes helped us discover one or two things about members of the team… especially when it came to fighting over bananas. Half the office liked them slightly under-ripe whereas others liked them once they’d been left to over-ripen for a few days. Hence, we had to allocate “Banana Days” – Mondays and Tuesdays were the turn of the half the staff, while the rest of us put some aside until Thursday or Friday. By the end of the month, we were all on the lookout for those who tried to have a banana when it wasn’t their day!

Overall, we thought Fruitdrop was great value for money. Their fruit boxesstart from £20 per week (for 50 pieces of fruit) and the convenience of having the fruit delivered to the office on the same day every week is extremely handy. There was a great variety of fruit including apples, bananas, pears and plums, but the satsumas were definitely the office favourite – they were juicy and sweet and went down very well with everyone. We even took a rain check on a few “Cake Fridays” to make sure we finished the fruit before the next delivery on Monday – unheard of before!

Thanks Fruitdrop! You’ve persuaded the whole team here to work on being a little bit healthier when we’re at work…