Benefits Of Cloud Accounting

9th November 2016

How Can You Improve Your Businesses Efficiency?

As a small business owner, the chances are that you started your company because you have a passion for what you do well. Unless you are a book keeper or an accountant, you probably didn’t start your business so that you could spend any spare time that you may squeeze into your hectic schedule doing your accounts.

Here at Bainbridge-Lewis we have long been advocates of cloud accountancy packages – why? Because it helps you to run your business more efficiently.

Three Ways Cloud Accounting Can Improve Your Business Efficiency:

Filing Not Drowning: Ever feel like you’re awash in a sea of teeny tiny receipts? The little stamp-sized parking tickets? The scrappy cappuccino stained till receipt? One way of eating into your time spent working on your finances is to file as you go. Rather than squirrelling all those receipts away into a shoebox labelled “to deal with later”, cloud accounting enables you to file them into you accounts system on the spot.

Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere*: Cloud accounting packages provide the opportunity for small-business owners to access their data anytime, anyplace, anywhere*. Rather than having to mumble a few um, ahs, and “I’ll check when I get back to the office”, if you’re out and about and you need to check an invoice for a supplier, or if your client claims to have paid you several months ago, all the information that you need access to is there when you need it.

Bite-sized Accounting: Much as we’re sure that you love to spend time with your accountant, rather than organising that one-off meeting at the end of your financial year with them, cloud accounting gives you the ability to work collaboratively and virtually with your accountant throughout the year. As they can access the same files as you can, they can carry on working quietly on your behalf without you having to meet face-to-face.

In a nut-shell, using cloud accounting will enable your business to work faster, smarter and more securely.

If you would like to learn more about how cloud accounting can benefit your business, please do get in touch.

*On proviso that you have a suitable internet connection.