Float Managing Your Cashflow

10th January 2014


One of the things that small businesses find most difficult to manage is cashflow, yet it is the most important part of your business finances. Most businesses that fail, do not fail because its not a good idea or because they are not making profits, they fail because they run out of cash. Forecasting future cashflows is something that most accounting software is not that great at so we were really pleased when we bumped into Colin Hewitt the CEO of Float at the Xero conference this year.

Float is a cash flow forecasting app which integrates with Xero to help businesses plan and understand their cash flow management. We have been using the software ourselves for a few months now and what appeals to us is the simplicity of getting started, it doesn’t take very long to import your Xero figures and if you already have a cashflow budget you can enter this very quickly. You can then move expenditure around to see the effect it has on your future cashflows, helping you to plan for that big project or making sure you have enough to pay that horrible big tax bill.

We think this is a really useful product for small businesses so we have decided to incorporate it at no additional cost into our ‘Planning for Profit‘ package which starts from £225 plus VAT per month. To find out more contact us now on 01273 737307 or drop us an email.