Xero Payment Process

30th May 2013

Get Paid Faster with Xero Online Accounting Software

Xero’s latest release allows you to set up a number of payment services which enable you to get paid instantly through online invoicing. You need to sign up to one of the supported payment services and then your customers will be able to pay you immediately when they receive an online invoice by clicking the Pay Now button.

Xero have created a video to show you how this works:


The payment services availabale in the UK are:

Paypal – Fees are 20p per transaction plus a minimum of 3.4% of the total amount

GoCardless – works on the direct debit system, the fees are 1% of the transaction up to a maximum of £2 per transaction

Stripe – Their website says only currently for US customers

eWAY – coming soon

If you aren’t yet using Xero contact us now on 01273 737307 to discuss how it can save you time in your business. Or drop us an email to a arrange a meeting and we can show you a demo.