Personal Tax Returns

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we need to know about it in order to make sure your tax return is correct:

  • Did you receive any income from employment including all directorships?
  • Did you receive any employee benefits or did you recieve a P11d?
  • Were you receiving a state pension or other¬†taxable state benefits?
  • Did you receive any other pension payments?
  • Other than contributions through your own company, did you make any pension contributions?
  • If your taxable income was more than ¬£50,000, did you receive any child benefit?
  • Did you receive interest in the year on bank or building society balances?
  • Have you bought or sold any shares in the year or received dividends other than from your own company?
  • Do you have a student loan?
  • Have you received income from selling or letting a property?
  • Excluding donations made through your company, have you made any charitable donations under Gift Aid?
  • Have you borrowed money personally to lend to your company?